Friday, 7 October 2011

Blacker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice

Hello gorgeous people, TGIF; hope you all have a good weekend :)

I have a quick post for you today; i bought a new lipstick! My collection is expanding nicely... yaaaay :)
This purchased was inspired by Kate ( i'm sure you've all heard of her, she has a blog and YouTube channel; just click her name and it'll take you straight to her blog :)
I just love this colour for autumn, its a deep purple/burgandy colour, with a creme finish :) 
You can pick it up form Boots or Superdrug for £7.49

Will you be wearing colours like this, this autumn?

Keep Smiling Beauties. xo


  1. Ahh, I have just bought a berry lipstick by rimmel - this is so much nicer.


  2. This looks like such a fantastic colour! it is so perfect for autumn, I just dont think it would suit me!! :(

  3. Aww thanks guys, dolly daydream have you tried a dark red? Something that's not so daring ?! :) xx

  4. Both of your blogs look amaze, so I've 'followed' you :) x

  5. I like it :)
    looks like it would be so much darker from the lippy.

  6. I love purple lip stick. It's perfect for Autumn. Will keep coming back in fashion time and time again. Looks beautiful on you. x

  7. Thank you Jaymie and Daisy :) I'll check out your blogs and follow! xx