Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Half Moon Manicure

hello lovelies,
I've always wanted to attempt a 'half moon manicure', admittedly I've tried a couple of times and completely failed.
Today i had nothing to do and was feeling inspired to play around with my nails, switch it up a little :)

Here's the things your going to need:

 Nail Polish Remover (if you have polish on or for any mistakes), hand cream, a base coat & top coat, a base colour and a top colour, reinforcement circles, a nail file and some cotton pads.
 You can pick them up from any stationary shop, i got mine from Colemans for £1.47
 For my base colour i used Nude Beige by Models Own £5 and Ruby Ribbon by Revlon £6.29

Okay, here we go :
Step 1: start with clean shaped nails

Step 2: Apply a base coat, I'm using Salon Systems Matte Base Coat; you can use any base coat you have.

Step 3: Apply your base colour all over the nail and leave to dry completely.

Step 4: stick on your reinforcement stickers, i stuck mine a little high!

Step 5: Apply your top colour(2 coats); i went with a matte finish to add depth

 (nails once i'd removed the stickers)
 Step 6: Apply a Top Coat; i used Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat around £5.00 from Boots

I am quite proud of the finished manicure, next time i know to apply the reinforcement stickers lower down to create the 'Half Moon' shape. I love the combination of the colours, its perfect for autumn :)

Keep Smiling Beauties xo.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Russian Red.

It was my best friend Zoe's 21st Grease Themed birthday party, as i mentioned in a previous post.
I decided i would go as a 'Pink Lady', i know really original but i nearly died when i got my Pink Lady jacket through the post.
I did my research on the fashion/clothes they wore back in the 50's including the make-up and hair styles, which obviously means a classic Red lip and pin-up curls. 
Instead of just popping down to Boots or Superdrug and picking up a red lipstick, this gave me an excuse to add to my MAC collection, eeek.
Russian Red was perfect, a Matte finish its slightly deeper than your average red which i preferred and when it arrived... oh mm gee.
Although wearing such a bold lip was slightly daunting, only hoping that it would suit me.

picture of me to show you how it looked on :)

Keep Smiling Beauties xo.

The Colours are Changing (NOTD)

Well autumn is well on its way if not already here; although in the UK we are expecting a 'heat wave' this week!
it will be nice to feel that last bit of sunshine and warmth before the cold of winter really sets in.
Although i despise the cold weather, the snow and the fact it is now dark at 8 o clock, I've never been more excited for autumn/winter fashion :)
I'm absolutely loving the autumnal shades; mustard's, berry, deep greens, burnt orange and many more... I've bought a couple of winter items recently so I'll do a post on them soon :)

Anyway on with the NOTD;
I went to paint my nails the other day and fancied something different, usually when i go to paint my nails i know exactly what colour I'm going to put on. however this particular time i wasn't too sure staring into my huge box of polishes, i wasn't feeling very inspired.  i wanted something 'autumny' if theres such a word :)
As things happened, i had to go down to London for a job opportunity and had some time to kill... i was on Oxford Street as it happened, couldn't of happened better... i strolled into Topshop feeling apprehensive due to it being before my interview, hoping that all the beauty of clothes, jewellery, make-up and accessories would calm my nerves. Well it did, slightly... i tried looking around at Topshop in all its glory, back home our local Topshop's are pathetic compared to Oxford St. but i couldn't settle. Once id come out of my interview i had time before catching my train home, i found my way back to Topshop in higher hopes :) i found myself in the make-up section, not a good idea! hahhaaaa
drawn to the nail polishes and the array of beautiful colours, my eyes were immediately drawn to this beautiful metallic copper shade and i knew i HAD to have it!

i couldn't wait to apply it, i didn't have any polish on my nails at the time which is so unlike me. i hate my nails without polish... on the train waiting for it to leave the platform i decided to put it on just because i cant resist. i was so pleased, it was everything i wanted it to be and MORE! 
I love Topshop nail polishes, such amazing value at £6, it applied like a dream & with two coats it was opaque and lasted 4 days when it started chipping. Loving this colour for Autumn, i will definitely be purchasing more colours.

Keep Smiling Beauties xo.

Burnt Orange.

I've got another OFTD post for you guys! 
I have a confession to make... i took these photo's quite a while ago :/

 What I'm Wearing:
Burnt Orange Chiffon Shirt from Next (sale) can't rememeber how much it was!
Black Cami Top (worn underneath as the shirt is very sheer) from Primark £2.50
Black Leggings from Next £9.00
Tan Mocassins from Primark around £8.00 - £10.00
Tan Faux Leather Braided Belt from H&M £3.99

Face of The Day:
Garnier Skin Naturals Eye Roll-On Concealer in Light
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light 2
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Shade 53
MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Natural in Medium
Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Make up Base
Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner (Waterline)
Sleek Ink Pot in Dominatrix (Waterline)
LO'real Volume Million Lashes Mascara in Extra Black
MUA Eyeshadow in 19 (to fill in my brows)
Body Shop Clear Brow Gel
Vaseline Coco Butter Versionon my Lips
Keep Smiling Beauties xo.

Heellloooooo :)

Hey Guys,
I know its been a while, ooopps! Its just been going from one thing to another and i haven't had time to sit down and relax so i can do a post, which i have missed :(
It was my best friends 21st birthday with a Grease Theme... it was such an amazing night & she looked amazing! Of course i went as a Pink Lady :) (see below)

Plus I'd lost my mojo and wasn't really sure what to blog about, i want to make my posts interesting and exciting and not just write them because i have to.
but I'm back with a couple of posts, just need some inspiration!

Zoe xo <3