Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Half Moon Manicure

hello lovelies,
I've always wanted to attempt a 'half moon manicure', admittedly I've tried a couple of times and completely failed.
Today i had nothing to do and was feeling inspired to play around with my nails, switch it up a little :)

Here's the things your going to need:

 Nail Polish Remover (if you have polish on or for any mistakes), hand cream, a base coat & top coat, a base colour and a top colour, reinforcement circles, a nail file and some cotton pads.
 You can pick them up from any stationary shop, i got mine from Colemans for £1.47
 For my base colour i used Nude Beige by Models Own £5 and Ruby Ribbon by Revlon £6.29

Okay, here we go :
Step 1: start with clean shaped nails

Step 2: Apply a base coat, I'm using Salon Systems Matte Base Coat; you can use any base coat you have.

Step 3: Apply your base colour all over the nail and leave to dry completely.

Step 4: stick on your reinforcement stickers, i stuck mine a little high!

Step 5: Apply your top colour(2 coats); i went with a matte finish to add depth

 (nails once i'd removed the stickers)
 Step 6: Apply a Top Coat; i used Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat around £5.00 from Boots

I am quite proud of the finished manicure, next time i know to apply the reinforcement stickers lower down to create the 'Half Moon' shape. I love the combination of the colours, its perfect for autumn :)

Keep Smiling Beauties xo.

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