Monday, 26 September 2011

The Colours are Changing (NOTD)

Well autumn is well on its way if not already here; although in the UK we are expecting a 'heat wave' this week!
it will be nice to feel that last bit of sunshine and warmth before the cold of winter really sets in.
Although i despise the cold weather, the snow and the fact it is now dark at 8 o clock, I've never been more excited for autumn/winter fashion :)
I'm absolutely loving the autumnal shades; mustard's, berry, deep greens, burnt orange and many more... I've bought a couple of winter items recently so I'll do a post on them soon :)

Anyway on with the NOTD;
I went to paint my nails the other day and fancied something different, usually when i go to paint my nails i know exactly what colour I'm going to put on. however this particular time i wasn't too sure staring into my huge box of polishes, i wasn't feeling very inspired.  i wanted something 'autumny' if theres such a word :)
As things happened, i had to go down to London for a job opportunity and had some time to kill... i was on Oxford Street as it happened, couldn't of happened better... i strolled into Topshop feeling apprehensive due to it being before my interview, hoping that all the beauty of clothes, jewellery, make-up and accessories would calm my nerves. Well it did, slightly... i tried looking around at Topshop in all its glory, back home our local Topshop's are pathetic compared to Oxford St. but i couldn't settle. Once id come out of my interview i had time before catching my train home, i found my way back to Topshop in higher hopes :) i found myself in the make-up section, not a good idea! hahhaaaa
drawn to the nail polishes and the array of beautiful colours, my eyes were immediately drawn to this beautiful metallic copper shade and i knew i HAD to have it!

i couldn't wait to apply it, i didn't have any polish on my nails at the time which is so unlike me. i hate my nails without polish... on the train waiting for it to leave the platform i decided to put it on just because i cant resist. i was so pleased, it was everything i wanted it to be and MORE! 
I love Topshop nail polishes, such amazing value at £6, it applied like a dream & with two coats it was opaque and lasted 4 days when it started chipping. Loving this colour for Autumn, i will definitely be purchasing more colours.

Keep Smiling Beauties xo.

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