Monday, 7 November 2011

Beetle Juice

NOTD for your lovely people :)

These new polishes have been the upcoming excitement for nail polish addicts and beauty lovers everywhere, when i heard about this collection; being a nail technician i was super excited! I love Models Own polishes; they are such great value for what you get inside that bottle, the polishes apply like a dream, and last just as long as a high end polish would. 

"Models Own's BEETLEJUICE collection consists of five multi-tonal shades. Each bottle contains four pearlescent colours mixed into one gleaming shade for an optimum high finish. Inspired by the beautiful wings of a beetle, this collection mimics the complex colour-shifting with flashes of vivid tones and ethereal hues giving a shimmering duo chrome finish."


I chose to pick up Pinky Brown, Purple Blue and Aqua Violet;

I decided to try out Purple Blue first; the application may not be great as i had to paint my nails in the car on the way to a birthday party, probably one of the hardest things I've tried to do! You can get the gist of how amazing these colours are :)

If you wanted to change up the way your nails look, you could add a matte top coat, i used Rimmels Matte Top Coat. The finish it gives is gorgeous, looks like velvet and feels like it too :)

Keep Smiling Beauties. xo xo


  1. I'd love to try these nail polishes but Models Own just costs a bit too much for me right now
    Looks lovely though :)