Friday, 29 July 2011


I LOVE to do my nails :)

I have recently been trained in CND Shellac; which I love! Its amazing.
The mirror shine, 14 day wear, no chips etc. I could go on for hours!
Anyway...I removed it the other day and fancied trying something different.
I have worn stick on nails in the past, the last time was when i was probably 12/13. My mum bought me a Manicure Set for my birthday; i couldn't stop using it. I wanted to do every ones nails for them, i was SO excited!
my nails have always been in good condition and i take pride in the way they look, especially now being in the industry they are my career; so to speak.
I'm waffling... i was in boots on Saturday with my mum and i spotted some stick on/false nails and fell in love with them; the colour, the shape, the length. PERFECT.
When i got home that evening, i settled down to do my nails in front of the telly; Harry Potter was on :)
i cut and shaped my nails to fit neatly underneath the false ones. I was apprehensive about applying them due to previous experiences (not lasting very long, catching them on things and ripping them off. ouch)
but.. i was pleasantly surprised, they felt strong and secure; like my own. 
I was so pleased with how long they lasted before one or two fell off; as i said above i applied them on Saturday evening and my two thumbs nails fell off on Thursday morning! 
within them 4 days; i had packed a suitcase, driven to Reading, unpacked, played football in the garden with my friend, been to Thorpe Park, been shopping, washed my hair and driven home again!

In the pictures below i have replaced my thumbs nails with another brand of false nails that i purchased back in march and had never used them.

         I painted the false nail with Mushroom by Barry M
     These are the nails i purchased from Boots (£6); Elegant Touch Limited Edition Matte Nails in Chocolate, Short Length.
These were the False Nails i originally bought back in March they are by a company called Nailene, i picked them up in  my local Tesco for around £8 which i thought was amazing for 200 nails in 12 different sizes. i love these nails because i can paint them any colour i want and change it whenever. i'm off to Tenerife on Thursday and i am definitely applying these to the rest of my nails, if i can get the others off :/
hahaaaa :)

Zoe. <3

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